Evil Eye Charms

Evil eye charms on 18-karat white gold with C.Z. at N.J. Diamonds Dearborn, MI

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35 thoughts on “Evil Eye Charms

  1. I have seen your evil eye with teardrop necklace and am wondering how to go about purchasing it. It is the bigger eye with the single teardrop which I am interested in are there any in stock? If i am not mistaken it is priced at $220.00 could you please send me an email on the above address regarding the purchase and the correct price in english pounds as i live in UK.

    Kind Regards,
    Tujin Ozbaris

  2. Jen we do have some eye charms in the store, and we may be getting some more with the tear drop.

    N.J. Diamonds
    5601 Schaefer
    Dearborn, MI

  3. Jen we are closed today, but I will take a look for you when we open on Monday I will leave a reply for you here.

    Thank you

  4. I recently lost my evil eye charm in brown that was a gift when I was born. Do you have any eyes in brown??? please let me know, thanks


  5. I am interested in the evil eye charm in white gold that is round with the diamond bezel around it. I want one that is very small.

  6. Susanna

    Our inventory has changed since this photo was taken I have just a few charms left they start at 150.00.

    Thank you
    N.J. Diamonds

  7. I would like information on the prices of the evileye gold and CZ charms and how to go about purchasing one.

    Thank you

  8. The price is done by weight let me know what one you like and I can weigh it and give you a price.

  9. The evil eye charm is one of our best sellers in the store. This past year we have seen a rise in the popularity of this charm, we can not keep enough of them in the store. The bigger the better we now carry them with diamonds around the eye on white gold very small for baby’s.

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