Emerald Diamond | Diamond Engagement Ring From N.J. Diamonds

The Daughter of a good friend of ours is getting engaged they picked out this beautiful Emerald cut diamond engagement ring last week at our store.  We wish them the best of luck and happiness always.

Emeral cut diamond engagement ring

Emerald cut diamond engagement ring white gold N.J. Diamonds

Diamond engagement ring Dearborn,MI

22 thoughts on “Emerald Diamond | Diamond Engagement Ring From N.J. Diamonds

  1. Do u sell this setting? I have a 2 carat emerald and need a new setting in platinum… What would the cst be???

    1. Ginny

      We do have many rings similar to this one if you are interested stop on in, and have a look we would love to see you.

      N.J. Diamonds diamond engagement rings, and more

    1. Kristina

      Sorry, but no the ring is gone, we do not have another. We try our best to bring in only one ring at a time in the store, if you would like this ring we can certainly get it for you. I will email you with the information that we would need from you to quote you a price.

      Thank you
      N.J. Diamonds

  2. Dear Stephanie I am so sorry, I was out sick, and left instructions with one of our employees that no longer work for us to call you. I was told that you were notified weeks ago about the ring. I guess if you want anything done you have to do it yourself, at any rate we can not get the ring for you we tried our best, but they no longer have it. Again I’m so sorry one thing is for sure we will not be getting any new people to work for us. People do not have a good work ethic any more.

  3. We do sell the mounting with out the center stone depending on how much diamond weight is on the mounting it can run you from 1,300.00 to 1,700.00.

  4. Do you sell the setting for this ring alone for a 1 carat emerald diamond? If so, how much is it? Thanks

  5. I am sorry but this ring was sold, and because we value our customers privacy I can not tell you how much the ring was sold for.

    Thank you N.J. Diamonds

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