Diamond Engagement Ring

diamond,engagement,ring,michigan Diamond Engagement ring with a round diamond center stone that is 0.80ct SI2 H color and round diamond side stones 0.85ct, this diamond engagement ring is done on 18kt white gold you can find this ring at N.J. Diamonds in Dearborn, MI.



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2 thoughts on “Diamond Engagement Ring

  1. Hi,
    Let me first say I think your presentation of your diamond engagement rings is absolutely stunning.
    We are breeders and exhibitors of Afghan Hounds in Australia. I would like to use a few of your diamond images as backgrounds for our website – maximum length of time would be 4 months. They will be altered slightly, such as a blue huge etc., but I’m thinking the theme will be, “Diamonds in the Ruff” – signifying our dogs are as beautiful as your diamonds.

    I would gladly give credit to N.J. Diamonds should you allow us to use them.

    Kind regards,

    1. Mr. Nedo Katalinic

      Thank you so much for you kind comments we would be happy for you to use our photos on your web site, and thank you so much for asking us before you use them I will also be sending you an email just in case you do not come back here.

      N.J. Diamonds diamond engagement rings, and more.

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