Heart Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

Heart shape diamond engagement ring New At N.J. Diamonds

Hear we have an 18 karat white gold diamond engagement ring with a heart shape diamond center stone.  The ring has 133 round diamonds for a carat weight of 0.58ct two trillion diamonds one on each side 0.19ct.  The center stone is a heart shape diamond SI1 G color heart shape diamonds are not something you see every day.  It certainly makes for a unique diamond engagement ring we hope you like it.

Heart shape diamond engagement ring This Ring Has SOLD

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23 thoughts on “Heart Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

    1. Amber

      First I would like to know the size of the heart shape garnet you would like. We need this information in-order to get you a price. Next I have to see if I can still get the diamond ring/or we might have make it that would be a special order. I think this might be better done with email you can email me at fill out the contact us form here on the blog. We just made a black diamond engagement ring the center stone is a round diamond.

    1. Zina

      I do not know if they have this ring in San Francisco, you should try a search for it on the internet for your local jewelery stores, call around. If they do not have it in the store I am sure that they would be able to get it for you. Make sure that your stone is certified by an independent lab.

      N. J. Diamonds diamond engagement rings, and more.

    1. Becky

      I do not know a place in Dallas that you can get this ring, your best bet is to try your local jewelery stores. You can call or go to their web sites if they have one.

      Thank You
      N.J. Diamonds Diamond engagement rings and more

  1. I am absolutely in love with this ring. Do you sell it to other retailers around the country? Also, does the price quoted above include the center diamond? What is the weight (ct.) of the center diamond here?

    1. Anna the center stone was 1.25ct, and no we do not sell it to other retailers sorry, but if you are interested in the stone let us know we might be able to get another for you..

      Thank you N.J. Diamonds

      1. i would like to get my wife one im in iraq so i would like to get more information about this asap thank you

      2. Mike the Heart shape diamond engagement ring that you are looking at sold. We do have another on in the store, and I will email you pic, and details about it on Monday. Take care of yourself over there God Bless.

        N.J. Diamonds diamond engagement rings, and more.

  2. I am sorry Kelly I do not know if you can find one there or not your best bet is to find a independent jeweler, and show them the pic maybe they can find a stone for you.

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