Diamond Ring

2 thoughts on “Diamond Ring

  1. Hi Mona the ring is still here, and we look forward to seeing you again. Thank you so much for the nice words we do look like a high end store, and you are right are pricing is very good. Over the years we have had many customers tell us this when they first walk in that they are afraid they are going to be hit with really high prices, but are so surprised that we offer what we do for such a reasonable price.

    N.J. Diamonds

  2. I saw this ring last week it is so different I am still thinking about buying it, I hope you still have it? I know you told me that you only have one, and that is what I like about your store a lot of what I saw there was one of a kind or you only have one in the store. I will say that if you are looking for something different this is the place to shop they do have a huge selection of jewelry, many different pieces, and you should not let the fact that the store looks so high end fool you into thinking that their prices are high. Their pricing is not high end at all, my husband, and I went to many stores, and this store has the best prices that we saw any place. Hope the ring will be there when I come back.


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