A year later on gold party’s, 5 simple things you can do before you go.

Dear readers however you have come to our web blog we welcome you, and we are glad that you are here. N.J. Diamonds has been writing about gold parties for one year as of this month, our past post on this subject are:

Penny Weight vs Gram Weight

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Some Feathers Have Been Ruffled

Undercover at a gold party

These are a few of what we have written.  When you go to these, you will see that there are many comments under each of these posts. Many from people that are doing gold parties, and there have been many more that have not posted to the web blog because of the language that is used in the comment. Most of these are telling us that we feel that we have business taken from us by the gold parties, or that we consider gold parties as our competition, and so on.

I think when we started writing about this subject that we thought there would be many who where having these parties or operating these business that would step forward, and be thanking us for what we are trying to do.  We have had a couple that are running clean operations tell us thanks, but for the most part one year later we are getting hit over the head over, and over again.
Have we upset some people sure we have whenever you expose something corrupt or just plain wrong you are bound to upset those who are doing the wrong. Exposing them has put a bump in their road, would they like to keep cheating people, and have no one say a word about it yes they would to be sure.

If you are trying to start a gold buying business, or are a jewelry store that is trying to expose these corrupt business practices spread the word you can help yourselves by doing this. You can link to what we have written here from your own web sites or twitter, plurk, face book, stumble upon, digg, friendfeed, or what ever social net work you use. You can print these posts to hand out to your customers, talk on forums about it. This may not have hit your area yet, or maybe it just started Michigan may have been one of the first hit by it, and many of you still do not know what a gold party is. When and if they do come to your town, city, school, church or other events know what it is all about.

I am not saying that they are all bad, I am not saying that they are not fun; I am simply saying there are some out there who have found a way to cheat. This can happen in anything it is not the first time nor will it be the last for someone to find a quick way to make a quick buck off people, but should we sit back and watch it happen without saying a word. I do not think so we have, and will continue to do so.

If you are an organization that wants to raise money for your cause you can call your local jewelry stores, and ask them if they would like to do it, you can ask how much they will give you. Chances are they would be willing to give all the proceeds to the charity, or organization. If you have someone who is locally based doing, gold parties look at them, before you let someone from a different state come in and do the party.

If you are going to a gold party have fun, but be sure you know what you are selling, and how much it should get you.

1. Have your jewelry sorted, and weighed at a local jewelry store.

2. Ask that jewelry store how much they would buy it for.

3. Find out if the gold party is buying by pennyweight or gram weight read pennyweight vs gram weight above to understand why this makes a difference.

4. Keep your jewelry sorted in plastic bags when you go to the party. This will help you and them at the party when weighing, and testing your gold.

5. If you get more at the gold party then what you got at your jewelry store sell.

Just a side note N.J. Diamonds has been buying scrap gold for the past 12 years. This is not a new thing to us long before gold parties were even a blip on the radar we have been buying gold.

10 thoughts on “A year later on gold party’s, 5 simple things you can do before you go.

  1. Has anyone heard of The Gold Refinery? If so, can you tell something about the company? I know they are listed with the BBB. If a company is listed with the BBB does that make them a good, reputable company?

  2. Does anyone know anything aboutamericaslargestrefinery.com? Their website is also listed under “thegoldrefineryofamerica.com. They are orginally out of Michgan. Are they a legitimate, licensed and bonded company? They hire goldreps to host gold parties all over the country. Please advise –


    1. They could be very legitimate but from our experience these company’s do not give you a very good price for gold.. Make sure to take your items to several different places before you sell it.. Have it sorted, weighed and priced make sure you get your price in gram weight, and do that for every place to take it to.

      N.J. Diamonds

  3. I am a rep for those “home gold parties” that you are speaking of and we do not cheat people. We weigh each caret right in front of you and do all the testing right there in front of you. We pay on Troy weight not Penny weight and separate all gold by it’s caret. I am happy to show anyone who is selling their gold exactly what I am doing. I do believe that there are companies out there who are trying to scam you but not everyone is dishonest.

    1. Sandy

      Thank you for coming to the blog very happy that you are running a clean operation. If more like you step up and take part in cleaning up the bad ones that will be best for everyone.

      N.J. Diamonds Where Elegance is Always Affordable.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your invaluable information. I woke up this morning thinking how I could raise money for my daughter to attend a college fair at school and thought about hosting a gold party with friends. After reading your posts I am definatley having second thoughts. I still would like to have one, but now with a local jewerly company vs. a hosting party. I wish your company was in California because I sure would ask you to co-host. Once again, great information, thank you.

  5. Keep up the good work one year later we did not even hear about these gold party’s until just 2 months ago. Just like other places in the country they came in, and everyone was so happy, and excited. My wife was invited to one, but I told her let me take a look at what this is all about before you go. She sold at a jewelry store, not at the gold party, and got much more for her jewelry.

    Thank you

    1. Tony
      Thank you so much for your comment, we are happy that you took the time to do your research before your wife went, and sold at the gold party. We are happy that you got a good price for your jewelry

      Thank you
      N.J. Diamonds diamond engagement rings, and more.

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