Heavy not so much.

The gold jewelry piece felt heavy on the scale it looked heavy not so much though it was filled. It is not an easy thing sometime to buy 21kt gold because some items are filled to make them weigh more and to make them stronger..

The black stuff on the scale is 9.0 grams this was inside just one of the two bangles that we had to cut open to take it out before we bought them.. The total weight was a little over 12 grams from two 21kt bangles the difference in price was $581.00. These were not bangles that you wear on you arm they are a bangle type bracelets that are worn in some cultures on the ankle. This is not the first time we have seen this they are filled to make them strong sold in Jordan, Syria, Yemen, and several other countries around the world. They are supposed to tell the customer that they are filled even the customers that knows this do not tell us they hope to get away with it.. Some are filled with wax others with sand, this was some sort of plastic very heavy. Here is a video of the process of getting them open to take out the substance inside.

If you are buying gold and come across this 21kt gold ankle bangles make sure to open them up in front of the customer before you buy them. If they will not allow you to at least make a hole to see if they are filed do not take them.. They are never soiled gold not even if they feel like it.. It is important to note that each substance they fill them with has a different weight you have to take this out and weigh it.

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3 thoughts on “Heavy not so much.

  1. I have got 2 solid copper bracelet weighs 1.93oz & would like to know just how much they are worth. You cant find them anywhere now. They’re about 50 years old. Could you tell me how much I could get for it.

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