A Pile of Stones and How it Came To Be…

What’s in the weight of a synthetic stone and why do we deduct the weight of the stones before buying it?

This pile of stones is just a small sample of what we have taken out of 18kt and 21kt jewelry after buying it.. We deduct the weight of these stones before we buy the jewelry from anyone..Some of these stone have a gram weight of 5 or 6 grams. After buying gold for all of these years we know the weight of almost all of the stones seen in this photo.. Thousands of grams in weight for these stones and some are having a hard time understanding why we do not pay for them as gold.. They bought them at the price of gold when they bought the item.. Most of the jewelry we buy from the public is from the middle east. Our customer bass is largely middle eastern as is the area of the city our store is located in.. We sell most of our 18 karat and 21 karat jewelery at gram weight.. When we buy it the stones are already set we pay for them at the same price as gold.

When we sell it we sell it the same way but when we are buying it back as scrape we do not pay for these stones. They are worth nothing the customer is welcome to take them back but 99.9 percent of the people do not want them. They have no use for them nor do we. That is why you see the photo as a pile of stones mixed together and there is so many more of them..

Last month we had a man that came into the store and was looking at 18 karat gold pendants all of the pendants he was looking at had stones on them. He asked why I was charging him for the stones? I explained to him that when we buy the item we pay for the stones the same as gold..

The man said “well what kind of scam is this?” I replied well if you think this is a scam sir you better take it up with the people who are manufacturing this jewelry it most certainly does not start here.

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