You Live In Ohio You Can Still Shop With Us

People who live in Ohio don’t find it strange to drive one to two hours and more to get to our store. N.J Diamonds has been serving the people of Ohio for 16 years our jewelry store  in Michigan. Yet many Ohioans have chosen our store to shop and sell their gold with. Why? Your asking yourself. The price buying or selling they come to us because of our price.

Another reason for making the trip our selection, we carry over 700 diamond engagement rings unique and one of a kind selection. On white and yellow gold. We have GIA certified diamonds a GIA GG and GIA diamond grader.

We have a very large selection of 21kt gold jewelry including sets, bangles, rings, charms and earrings. We carry 18kt white and yellow gold jewelry sets, rings, earrings, bracelets and more.

When your tired of seeing nothing but 14kt and looking for something more besides what your local malls in Ohio have to offer N.J.Diamonds can help.

Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings (Photo credit: njdiamonds)

When you’re looking to get the most for selling your jewelry N.J. Diamonds is paying a very high price per gram for your gold. I’m not saying you should jump in your car and drive two hours for one chain you might be looking to sell not at all. What we are finding is those who have a large amount of gold they want to sell make the drive.

If you’re looking for something that no one has in Ohio remember N.J. Diamonds.

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