How do we buy gold?

How do we buy gold when you want to sell. Well first we separate your gold into different karats. This simple means separating by 10,14,18,21 karat or gold content. If your jewelry has synthetic stones the weight of these stones  deducted. Your jewelry that is now separated put on a scale in front of you and weighed. The price per gram is then multiplied by the gold weight and a price is given. The gold price changes throughout the day so today’s buying price might not be tomorrows it could be more or less it depends on the market.

N.J. Diamonds is  fully licensed to buy Gold and safeguards your identity and your personal information.

N.J. Diamonds offers a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment. We’re  trained to aid you in evaluating your precious metal or gemstone merchandise for possible sale.

N.J. Diamonds  buying process is fully transparent everything done in front of you.

We pay 191/2 X Face Value for Silver Coins.

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