Has This Happened To You?

Is Macy’s selling fool’s gold? In an October lawsuit, plaintiff Natalya Barsukova charges that in 2010 she bought earrings stamped with a 14k mark. Within a year, she claims, they tarnished and turned gray, and testing revealed them to be silver. The suit seeks class-action status and says it could comprise “thousands” of purchases. At press time, Macy’s had not responded to the allegations; its rep says the company does not comment on litigation.

We see this all the time when we buy gold from customers they always say the same thing “but it’s stamped 14kt” or “I bought it as 14kt.” That’s the problem it’s stamped but its plated and no ware on the receipt from most of these places does it say that. I was shown a receipt not from Macy’s another mall store and it said nothing just 14kt gold chain.
When your buying make sure you ask is it plated, or gold filled.

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