What Color is Your Gold…

Yellow gold is what most of us think of when we think of gold and we should it does come out of the ground yellow after all but yellow isn’t the only color gold comes in these days. How about blue gold according to

JCK magazine a group of British scientists’ brainstorm ever comes to market. Researchers at the University of White gold diamond engagement ringSouthampton say that by embedding tiny raised or indented nano-patterns onto the surface of either gold or silver.

That’s not all I’m sure you’ve all see pink or red-gold ever wonder how yellow gold got that color well by adding some copper to it. White gold that’s been the most popular thing in the past five years well that’s just yellow gold  and some white metals such as nickel and palladium are added to it to make it white. Want green, purple, black gold well that can be done these days with the proper mixing over at Mazal you can read just how they get those colors. I love thinking of all the possibilities that these new gold colors can bring to the jewelry industry. Why not have blue gold with a diamond on it or purple gold with tourmaline the design is only limited to the imagination of what can be created.

Before the jewelry industry goes crazy there are somethings that we should all take into account according to kai sliver 

Given the fact that very few jewelers actually make purple gold jewelry or jewelry using black or blue gold, it would be quite difficult to find a jeweler to modify or even ‘re plate’ your colored gold jewelry. Resizing or other repairs would become expensive even after finding a jeweler willing to take up the task. So make sure that you reflect on all these issues before ordering colored gold jewelry. This does not refer to white gold and yellow gold jewelry that is worked on all over the world.

Going by the other metals used along with carat gold to create colored gold, it does not seem to be an expensive proposition. However when the involved production techniques are to be used for single piece orders, the financial feasibility is not very attractive. Single pieces of jewelry in these gold colors could therefore come with a high price tag. Looking at it from another point, purple gold, black colored gold, blue gold etc are not as sturdy and strong as carat gold, the color could also abrase off with time or under certain conditions. This would in a way add to the overall cost of these colored gold jewels. Via: kai Silver.com

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