A Sign of The Times.

In recent months our customers have expressed the wish for the good old days the days. When the gold price wasn’t so high the days when you could buy a 4 piece 21 karat gold set that was of real weight and it didn’t cost you an arm and a leg to do so. The days when you could buy those large heavy 18 karat white gold rings for $400.00 compared to $900.00 now. The vendors realizing the market has changed are now supplying us with lighter weight jewelry pieces to sell to our customer and buy they do. Some do comment on the lack of weight, but when we show them the jewelry that weighs more and they see the price they do realize that it’s a sign of the times.

21kart gold jewelryWe’re always getting new 21 karat gold jewelry in the store sets, rings, bangles, charms, and chains. Good thing because in our store our clients demand it they are no longer looking for just the piece of jewelry to wear. They are more interested in that piece of jewelry they wear keep its value.  With the selling of gold so many have come to realize that they can get so much more for their 21 karat and 18 karat jewelry items if they need the cash. We see the same thing when selling Diamond Engagement Rings most are now asking the question will my ring keep it’s value? More and more people are thinking about their future and the future of their investments.

Coins are something that we can’t keep in the store for more than a day we have orders and a waiting list for clients that want English coins, Ounces, American Eagle Coins, in short any gold coin that they buy and can keep to later sell if they have to. Again another way for people to save their money and something they can keep and have at the ready if they need it. We must be doing something right if we can have our clients coming in from states like Ohio, Illinois, Kansas, Indiana, and from Windsor Canada.

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