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This Coin Bracelet has six English coins in 21kt gold frames each coin and frame are linked together with 21kt gold chain one coin in a frame dangles at the bottom.


English Coin Bracelet N.J. Diamonds
English Coin Bracelet with 6 English Coins in 21kt gold frames.



English coin braclet custom order.

Interested in making a coin bracelet N.J. Diamonds can work with you. When you make your coin bracelet you will pick out a bracelet that has frames connected together. Each fame will need a coin put into it. You either provide those coins from those that you already have or you can buy them at our store. These bracelets are done in 21 karat gold coins are sold in 21 karat or 22 karat. If you do have to order the coins from us we do require that they are paid for upfront in full before we will order them. We base the price per coin on the market price when you order and pay for them. We do not accept credit card for the purchasing of these or any other coins.

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