Understanding The Difference In Lab Grades Can Save You Money.

If you don’t understand the reputation of the lab you might end up paying more for your diamond.

We’ve said this for years it makes it very hard to sell a GIA graded stone that is a True SI1 H color lets say compared with an EGL certified stone that is graded the same but isn’t.

When a customer sees the price difference they feel that they might be getting cheated what they don’t understand they aren’t buying an SI1 H color stone they are buying a stone that is in some cases 2 colors less and a grade lower. So it does make a very big difference from what lab your stone is graded and who you are buying it from. In our store, if we have a diamond graded by EGL Israel we lower color and clarity according to GIA standards. We have GIA Graduate gemologists and GIA diamond grader all diamonds in our store are graded by the GIA standards.

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