Jewelry Appraising

Do you need a Jewelry Appraisals?

At N.J. Diamonds our jewelry appraisals done by a GIA certified diamond grader. When you buy your diamond engagement ring at N.J. Diamonds you will receive an appraisal to insure your new Diamond Engagement Ring.

This is your’s free of charge. N.J. Diamonds can appraise all jewelry your jewelry for insurance coverage. Most insurance policies need an appraisal of the jewelry items that will be covered. Without this appraisal listing the jewelry items, and giving a replacement value the insurance company won’t cover the jewelry.

In most cases, the jewelry would be added to homeowners insurance policy as a rider. N.J. Diamonds recommends that you insure all your jewelry and that you update your appraisals once a year. Why should you update your appraisal once a year? Simple it might cost more to replace it if lost or stolen. What cost $5,000.00 to replace two years ago could cost $7,000.00 that’s why it’s best to keep your appraisal up to date.

Appraising your jewelry is very simple at N.J. Diamonds.

1. Bring all jewelry you want to be appraised to N.J. Diamonds.

2. Our experts will check the jewelry and give the cost of the appraisal.

3. Allow 2 to 3 days for us to complete your appraisal.

4. All jewelry items getting appraised must be left at N.J. Diamonds.



N.J.Diamonds will not appraise any jewelry item that isn’t brought physically to our store. We can’t do while you wait appraisals (jewelry must be left with us)

N.J. Diamonds doesn’t promote any one insurance company please make sure you contact your insurance provider before getting your jewelry appraised.

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