Livonia The Possibilities are Endless and So Close To You.

If you live in Livonia Michigan and are shopping for a diamond engagement ring N.J. Diamonds has a very large selection over 700 diamond engagement rings and settings. Our jewelry store has something to fit every budget and every style. If it’s not in our show case then you can work with our N.J. Diamonds artisans, gold smith and our GIA Graduate Gemologist, or our GIA certified diamond grader. To create that one of a kind diamond ring that will make both your dreams come true. N.J. Diamonds is centrally located on the corner of Ford rd and Schaefer in Dearborn Michigan minutes from Livonia. If your tired of seeing the same rings in the mall store, or paying for those brand name diamond engagement rings that many jewelry stores like to sell. Then you should visit us.

We are a family owned and operated jewelry store serving the Detroit metro area for 18 years. We do not work on commission, we believe in no pressure selling. We promote information; a well informed customer is a customer that can’t be cheated. The more information you know, the more you will understand what you’re buying and just how much you can save when you shop with us for your jewelry. We’re proud to say that our customers come to us from Ohio, Indiana, Nebraska, and Canada just to name a few. People traveling from those states are doing so because of the savings they find at our store. If you would like to see more of our jewelry you can visit N.J. Diamonds jewelry. If you’re on FaceBook so are we, like us on Facebook and stay up to date with all our specials. If Twitter is your social preference you can find us there to @njdiamonds. Don’t worry we are on Pinterest and Instagram both @njdiamonds. How ever you want to see what we have you’ll be able to find us.

diamond engagement ringFinally I would just like to let you know we have a GIA Graduate Gemologists, GIA Certified Diamond Grader, GIA certified diamonds. Every stone we certify is certified by GIA standards. We do in-store expert jewelry repair, as well as jewelry appraisals for insurance. At N.J. Diamonds we buy gold for cash. To see our daily gold buying prices you can visit our website . Happy shopping and we look forward to seeing you at N.J. Diamonds. Please let us know you’ve come from Livonia.

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