Who Are We?


Diamonds opened its doors in 1996 family owned and operated jewelry store in Dearborn, MI serving the greater Detroit Metro area. We’ve been committed from the opening of our store to offer the fairest prices serving each client that walks through our doors with honesty and respect.


Shopping for a diamond engagement ring in Michigan N.J. Diamonds will work with you to find or create the engagement ring that will surpass your dreams. N.J. Diamonds selection of diamond engagement rings over 700 of the most exquisite engagement rings in the Detroit metro area. Many of the engagement rings we have are one of a kind.  We have all cuts of diamonds and many different types of engagement ring settings. If it’s not in our show case you can work with N.J. Diamonds team to custom make your engagement ring. Work with our artisan, gold smith, our GIA Graduate Gemologist or GIA certified diamond grader. All to help you make an engagement ring and pick the diamond you dreamed of within the budget you’ve set.


At N.J. Diamonds we believe that elegance should always be affordable. What we have offered our customers from day one of opening our doors. At N.J. Diamonds we don’t hold to the “two month salary” as a base for buying a diamond engagement ring. We believe that your budget should be what you can afford to spend. Whatever amount you’ve set for your engagement ring we will work with you. Making sure that you get the most for your money.


Engagement rings are not all that N.J. Diamonds has to offer. We offer GIA certified diamonds, colored gemstone jewelry, 21 karat sets, rings, charms, and bangles. 18 karat white and yellow gold sets, charms, rings, bracelets. Diamond jewelry including earrings, pendants, sets, rings, and bracelets. Our jewelry store is centrally located on the corner of Ford rd and Schaefer in Dearborn allowing us to serve every city surrounding us. We do not work on commission, and we have no pressure sales. We help each customer shopping with us to make an informed decision. We strive to make sure we can give you as much information as possible a well-informed customer is a customer that is less likely to get cheated. An informed customer will know just what they are buying and if they are getting what they are paying for.


We look forward to seeing you in our store.


The N.J. Diamonds Team

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