Marquise Diamonds Making a Come Back..

It’s been years since we sold a Marquise Diamond, but I’m hopeful this diamond is making a come back with new designs, new ways to set, and use the diamond. The Marquise diamond is unique because it looks larger than it’s carat weight.  With the new way’s it’s being used I think many of you just might think  about buying one. For instance take this wedding band form the Wedding Band Company Here’s another wedding band/anniversary ring from Fay Cullen Bands aren’t all that’s changed for the Marquise Diamond take a look at how they are now used in Engagement rings. This two-tone diamond engagement ring is from Joseph Jewelry This is a new way to set the stone from Scotts Custom Jewelers Think about all you could do with your Marquise diamond head over to your local jeweler and get some help on coming up with a new setting for your diamond.

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