Custom Order, Custom Design, Special Order When Should You Pay More?

Pear shape diamond engagement ring. The center stone is offset on a 3 prong head.
Pear shape diamond engagement ring. The center stone is offset on a 3 prong head.

You will pay more for a custom order, custom designed ring and you could pay a reasonable fee for a jewelry store ordering your ring in your size. The term “special order” might be tagged on when a jewelry store has to order the ring in your size.  This gives jewelry stores some wiggle room to make it seem that your ring is somehow more and giving them the right to charge you in some case too much money. In this post, we will attempt to explain the difference in the terms used, and how we use those terms at N.J. Diamonds. This isn’t to say that jewelry stores are doing anything wrong what we hope is that you might be better informed about what you are paying for.

You should be aware of how much you are paying for a special order and why.  Some stores consider a special order and charge you more for what might simply be making a phone call to the vendor and ordering it. custom made pear shape halo engagement ring michigan

Ask why you are paying that much and how much extra you are paying for that special order. Compared to buying another ring.

If you’re told your ring has to be “special ordered” because of your ring size. Find out why? Is your ring size one size larger or smaller than the one you have before you? If that’s the case ask why they can’t size it? Most jewelry stores have ring sizing they just need to send it out to whomever they contract with to do their ring sizing.

  • Ask if they are ordering the ring from a vendor/supplier.
  • Ask if the ring being made is from  (wax, and mold) if it is this is ‘custom order.’
  • Ask to see the wax rendering or Cad Cam picture of your ring. If they won’t or can’t chances are they are not making it.

Other stores consider it a special order when they call the vendor to order the ring in you finger size. This special order charge might be as small as a hundred  dollars and in some cases thousands more. It’s been my experience based on what we’ve seen over the years stores will do what the “market will bear.” If the market (you the consumer) will bear the cost of this (pay) then the jewelry stores will keep doing it.

Custom-made/Custom design

A custom-made custom designed engagement ring is a ring that you have in mind, or you’ve seen a photo of a ring you like, but wish you could change in some way. Maybe you have a design in mind that you’ve drawn a sketch of. Maybe you want to take your grandmother’s diamonds out of her ring and make it into a whole new diamond engagement ring. Maybe you saw a photo of an engagement ring but wanted the shank larger, or the prongs covered in diamonds. Maybe you want to take pieces of several different rings and join it into one ring.  Point is the skies the limit and you’d be in charge. You are working with people one on one at the store you are buying or designing your engagement ring with. Below are just a few of the hundreds of custom order custom designed engagement and wedding rings we’ve made over the years.

Each one of these rings we worked hand in hand with the customer. Their vision is what created these rings a wax was made or a computer program was used to make the design. A mold  made from the wax and the ring was cast. Each accent stone is hand-picked from hundreds of diamonds to match the color and clarity of the center stone on each ring. Making a custom diamond engagement ring will cost you more there are hours and hours of work put into these custom design engagements rings.

In our store, special order custom order custom design are all terms we use to say the same thing. You are working with us to create your wedding ring. When we have to order a ring for you because of a size issue either a ring size too small or too large the engagement ring can’t be sized in-store. We use the term “order” we order the ring for you not “special order.” If the ring is ordered from the vendor and they have to make the engagement ring. That then is a “special order” the most we might charge.  would be any extra cost the supplier/vendor would charge us to do this.

If  interested in having a custom designed engagement ring call to make an appointment  313-582-7888  Open Monday – Friday 10:30am until 6:30pm Saturdays from 11:00am until 6:00pm. If you’re coming from out-of-state, or from Canada need a Sunday appointment please call to make sure times are available.

We now have a  Whats app number 313-757-5653, Estimated prices can be given via text message on Whats app if you give us photos carat weights of all accent stones and center stone if any. Diamond color and clarity must be given. Karat of gold and color white, pink, or yellow if platinum is your preference please include that  in the text message. Remember these will be estimates only they are not final prices.

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