Buying Your Wedding Band From a Catalog Do You Know What You’re Getting?

Gold Wedding Bands Today there was a woman who came into the store with a 14 karat yellow gold wedding band that she bought from a catalog. The wedding band was 2.5 grams and was the thinnest wedding band I’ve seen in all the years in the jewelry business.  The band was ordered in a size 13 the wedding band she got from the company was size 12. When she called and told them they kept saying that they sent the size she asked for. They said if you want size 13 you can send the wedding band back and we will size it for you, but will have to charge you extra. She did that and got the band back and still it was size 12 when she called them they said they couldn’t do it for her.  Now this lady is getting married on Monday and she needed the band sized to 13 they would not believe that the band wasn’t a 13 and kept insisting that they sent the right size.  After measuring the band at my store and showing her that the band isn’t a size 13 it’s a size 12.  She called them right in the store and asked me to talk with them I did. I explained who I was and that I was calling from N.J. Diamonds in Dearborn, MI that we are on the internet we are a legitimate store I explained that I measured the ring and it’s not a size 13 as the lady ordered it’s a size 12. Her reply was thank you now put my customer back on the phone so I can talk with her. I told her no problem I’d be happy to do that.  In the end, the company isn’t willing to size nor can then send a size 13 they claim they don’t have a size 13. She can send it back but will not get a full refund how sad. We ended up stretching the band to 12 3/4 after we told the lady that it was on her own responsibility if she wanted us to do that.

Buying any jewelry from a catalog is always a problem you just don’t know what you are going to get. The cost of this band was $160.00 of course, the lady thought she was getting a deal. She had been to many jewelry stores and what she saw in the catalog looked like what she was seeing in those stores for much more. The catalog didn’t list a gram weight just the mm of the wedding band width. If there isn’t a full description of any jewelry item you are looking at in a catalog don’t buy. Make sure to understand the return policy of any jewelry item you are buying from a catalog. Understand what the policy on sizing and repairing your jewelry item is before you buy.

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