What Shape Diamond Do You Want With Your Halo Engagement Ring?

A halo style diamond engagement ring has one or two rows of diamonds that are prong set that surrounds the center stone.

The center stone sits in a four prong head on the top. In most halo style diamond engagement rings the center stone will not sit up too high.  By having the center stone sitting lower on the ring, it prevents a large gap between the halo and the center stone.

Engagement Ring Michigan

custom made pear shape halo engagement ring michigan

This pear shape halo is a custom-made halo engagement ring we did at N.J. Diamonds.

On this halo engagement ring,  one row of round diamonds surrounding the pear shape diamond.  This ring posted to our Instagram account.





GIA Certified Diamond Grader
Round Diamond Center Stone

This custom-made halo style engagement ring has a round center stone.

With larger round diamond around the center stone and smaller round brilliant diamonds on the outer edge. The corners of this halo engagement ring are more rounded. Two row of diamonds prong set are on the shank of the ring. Visit our Facebook Page make sure you don’t miss out on all the latest one of a kind engagement rings.

Engagement Ring Michigan

This custom-made halo engagement ring set has a cushion cut center stone and one row of round diamonds making the halo around the center stone.

Milgraine finish on the outer, edge of the halo, ring, and matching wedding band.





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