Design Your Own Custom Diamond Engagement Ring in Michigan.

At N.J. Diamonds we love when customers want to design their own custom diamond engagement ring.

We love to see what unique and creative designs you come up with. Designing your own unique custom diamond engagement ring in Michigan doesn’t have to be hard. No. The only thing you need is your imagination.

Designing your one of a kind diamond engagement ring is becoming more and more popular in Michigan. While we’ve been doing custom diamond engagement rings in Dearborn, Michigan for 20 years over the past two years, it’s become the thing to do.

Customers have asked us to incorporate up to four different elements from four different ring ideas they have. When it’s structurally feasible to do this we do.  Maybe you want a different type of Halo design engagement ring something that you haven’t seen before, but you can picture that diamond engagement ring in your mind.  We can work with you. You describe it and we can sketch it that’s how it starts as simple as that. Once we get the concept of what you have in mind we move on to the computer. All the little details that you are looking for are added. Maybe you want a heart with a diamond in the middle of that heart on either side of the center stone. Done maybe you want a bridge of diamonds running under the Halo done as long as the band is wide enough. Do you want a split shank, waves, twist, knots? All of this and much more is what we can do.
Design your custom diamond engagement ring MichgianN.J. Diamonds in Dearborn, Michigan is one of the premier jewelry stores to design your custom diamond engagement ring with. Why?

The cost factor for one, we find the best diamonds at the best price to fit your budget.

GIA graduate gemologist is another reason to work with us at N.J. Diamonds along with our GIA diamond grader.

A staff with twenty years experience working with diamond engagement ring customers.

At N.J. Diamonds we don’t ask you to buy a service agreement. We ask you to commit with us that you will bring your wedding ring back to us three times a year for us to inspect and service your ring.

N.J. Diamonds upgrade policy is very reasonable simple you don’t spend double with us to get an upgrade we ask 20% that is all you need to spend in order to get your full upgrade.

No add-on fees we don’t charge you to set your diamond, We size your diamond wedding ring two sizes up or down for free.

Free appraisal included when you buy your diamond engagement ring with us.

These are but a few of the things provided by N.J. Diamonds Michigan when you design your custom diamond engagement ring with us. Being centrally located brick and mortar business in the Detroit metro area is to your advantage. Easy access from all highways and freeways a short drive from almost any city in Detroit metro area.

For those that have a long drive and there have been many. They never regret the drive they’ve made to come to our store.  Welcome to N.J. Diamonds a different kind of Diamond engagement ring buying experience.

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