When You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring With N.J. Diamonds | Michigan


Many who shop with us get a very surprised look on their face when we tell them we service any diamond engagement ring purchased from our store free of charge.

N.J. Diamonds serving the metro Detroit area in Dearborn, Michigan has never charged our customers to service their rings. Unlike other jewelry stores, we don’t ask that you buy a service package for hundreds of dollars.

Only to have that service agreement void if you miss by even one day your service agreement date. In many cases to have your diamond engagement ring serviced with other stores, you have to leave it for a week or more.

We ask our customers to make a commitment with us to bring their diamond engagement ring in every 4 months for us to polish, clean, and check for any potential problems.

When the diamond engagement ring is brought to us for service we take a very hard look at all prongs of the ring for wear. If re-tipping is needed it’s done. Anything that the engagement ring might need gets done during these service visits. For 20 years we’ve offered this service to our customers in the Detroit metro area. N.J. Diamonds centrally located right on the corner of Ford rd and Schaefer in Dearborn, Michigan making it very convenient for all our customers.Jewerlery Apprsials Michigan, Detroit

Not only do we not charge for a service package we service your ring in-store. You don’t have to wait, five to seven days, or with some stores two weeks to wear your engagement ring again. We have it done for you within two days. Yes, two days and you can have your ring back cleaned, polished, checked for potential problems. Consider that a service package from other jewelry stores can cost you as much as $400.00 and there is a very good chance that you might void that service agreement by missing a service date.  What N.J. Diamonds offers is worth hundreds. We want your engagement ring looking its best when you are out on the town in the Detroit metro area. We want your ring shining when you go to work or the gym or even out shopping. When your diamond engagement ring is shining and looking it’s best so is our store. We take pride in the 20 years of business in Dearborn, Michigan pride in the thousands of customers in the Detroit metro area that shop with us, and pride in the fact that our customers come from all over the United States to Michigan to shop with us.N.J. Diamonds 21 karat gold diamond engagement rings

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