How Cell Phones Have Changed How We Sell Jewelry.

gold jewelry Michigan
18 karat gold set

Cell phones have opened up a whole new way to sell jewelry not just for looking up websites, but selling to customers standing right in our store. While it might be a bit annoying to have someone walking around our store carrying on a conversation on their cell phone  all the while we are standing at the ready to help them. Cell phones are used for more then just this, by our customers. Customers have taken to calling one, two sometimes up to four people for advice on  buying something. We have customers who face-time with people in other states that they might be shopping for. Showing them all the different jewelry items we have in 18 and 21 karat.   We have many people who will start a video chat on google with family and friends while looking for Diamond engagement rings. This has all been to our stores benefit and has changed the way we are now doing business. People are encouraged to take and send photos of what they are looking at with their friends. They might not able to decide between a couple of baby charms and need to pick just one to give for that new born baby. A husband might not be sure about what ring his wife would like so he calls her friend, sister, and sometimes even his wife. They take a picture and send it and wait for the call or the text message telling them yes or no. This has worked out well and we’ve noticed  exchanges taking place less with the use of the cell phone. Don’t get me wrong we still get a bit annoyed when someone is standing in the store talking on their cell phone for 20 minutes, but that is the cell phone age. We have to take the good with the bad and look at all the benefits of cell phone use. So next time you’re in Dearborn, MI stop in say hi show your friends what you are looking at. Don’t forget to take those pictures of the items you’re interested in, save them on your phone to show us later. Post them to Facebook and Instagram and give us a mention. #njdia or #njdiamonds you can find us on Facebook@njdia or Instagram@njdiamonds

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