The Tide Is Turning EGL Certified Diamonds A Thing Of The Past.

For years we had the hardest time selling GIA certified diamonds.

It was hard to sell a GIA certified diamond when the cheaper seemingly same color same carat and same clarity EGL certified diamond was always there.
diamond engagement ring DearbornNow fast forward a few years and many jewelry stores having to sell the EGL certified diamond because there was no way to convince the average consumer that they were paying more for the EGL certified diamond. We tried for years some customers got it many did not. We however never bought or sold an EGL certified diamond for what it was certified as I’ve written about that many times here so will not go into it again.  Now with more use of the internet and so much information out there on this site and others explaining the difference the Rapaport no longer accepting EGL certified diamonds things have changed so much over the past year.  This is the first year in years that we haven’t had a mention of an EGL certified diamond. We haven’t had one customer come in and ask for one.  Every diamond engagement ring customers ask for only a GIA certified diamonds good to see shoppers using the internet getting some information before they set out to shop for their engagement ring.

GIA Always remember set a budget and make sure you let the salesperson know what that budget is. If they can’t accommodate that budget move on. Don’t be pushed into something you can’t afford, but make sure to set a realistic budget. Happy shopping #diamonders

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