We Service Your Diamond Engagement Ring πŸ’ For Life For Free!

N.J. Diamonds diamond engagement rings

When you are looking for the perfect diamond jewelry store to buy your diamond engagement ring look no further then N.J. Diamonds. A Dearborn Jeweler|in Dearborn.

Over twenty years of experience, GIA GG, GIA Certified Diamonds. In-Store jewelry repairs. Very large selection of unique and traditional diamond engagement rings.

When you are shopping for the perfect diamond engagement ring we would like to point out that N.J. Diamonds diamond jewelry store has a lifetime service plan for you. Free of charge yes that’s right Free of charge. We service the Diamond Engagement ring you buy from us at no charge.

What that includes? free inspection for potential problems. Those problems could be a bent or broken prong we fix that free of charge. Your ring should always look it’s best so we clean, polish and dip if needed free of charge. This is included in our agreement with you when you buy your Diamond engagement ring. We don’t charge for this we just ask that you bring your engagement ring in every 4 months for us to take care of. That’s three times a year that’s it when other jewelry stores are charging as much as $300.00 to service their engagement rings we think this is an added value you should consider when shopping for your diamond engagement ring.

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