Face to Face The Only Way To Go.

Custom design diamond engagement ring MichiganLooking for the perfect diamond engagement ring? You want to custom design your diamond engagement ring? There are many online sites that you can do this on but is that the way you want to go? You want to talk with someone in person you want to see the diamond center stone before it’s put on the engagement ring. You just want to work with someone face to face. That’s where we can help at N.J. Diamonds you will work with our staff that has over 20 years experience working with couples who are excited about starting their lives. We work with you to find the perfect diamond center stone for your custom designed diamond engagement ring.  Working with you to ensure you to give you as many options as possible and stay within your budget. It’s your money and you work hard for it we get that.

Diamond engagement ring custom design Dearborn

At N.J. Diamonds ‘When Honesty Matters’ we take that very seriously. You have to find a jeweler that is honest. Honest about what they can deliver on the budget you set. Honest in the Diamond they are selling you and honest in their dealings with you. In this day and age of online everything sometimes it’s a good idea to do something in person. We think buying a diamond engagement ring is one of those.  Using the internet to get an idea what type of ring you are looking for is great. Researching the 4c’s is a must.

Knowing the difference between an EGL certified diamond and a GIA certified diamond can save you thousands. Finding that information online before you start shopping is a good use of the internet.  Just getting the feel for the company you are doing business with is very important. How are you going to do that by clicking from site to site? In the day and age of fake everything walking into a jewelry store and looking someone in the eye you are doing business with isn’t fake it doesn’t get any more real than that.  Interested in making your own custom design diamond engagement ring ?

Call 313-582-7888 and start working with a diamond jewelry store where you matter.

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