Getting The Ring 💍 Size Right.

ring sizing,ideas,sizing finger,ring,jewelryBuying a ring for that special someone in your life and keeping it a surprise sometimes can become problematic if you don’t know their finger size. The GIA has come up with a good list of do’s and don’ts for getting the size of the finger.✋

One thing they don’t recommend doing

DON’T use a piece of string or paper to measure ring size

Some websites suggest wrapping a piece of string around the finger, marking the place where the ends overlap and then finding the corresponding size on a ring size chart. Other sites suggest using a strip of paper to determine ring size, again by wrapping the strip around the finger and then marking the paper with a pen or pencil where it overlaps. Both methods lead to inaccuracies: String can stretch and paper can be easily damaged. Humidity and temperature can cause paper to shrink and curl.

To see the full list of do’s and don’ts of finger sizing you can find it 👉 here


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