Fun, Small Little Rings Of Delight.

String-Ring or Chain Ring have you wondered what they are?

string rings at N.J. DiamondsThe string/chain ring is a very delicate ring that uses a thin chain as the ring shank.

For the past three years these rings are the ‘It’ piece of jewelry that everyone wants. You can wear as many as you like they can be worn on any finger you just have to try them on to find the one that fits. The chain-ring has a small design on the top either gold or in Cubic Zircon (CZ) some are now being done with diamonds.  Our string/chain rings are all 18kt gold they come in a variety of styles and sizes. You don’t put these rings on like other rings. When you are putting on a string ring you roll it down your finger.  These rings are a lot of fun and go with anything you are wearing.

No matter who’s wearing these fun rings your sure to be asked ‘where did you get those?’ If you’re looking for something that’s light weight, looks stylish, and isn’t that expensive the String/Chain Ring is for you.

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