High Karat Gold What Is It?

Sometimes you might hear the term ‘High Karat Gold’ and not understand just what this is. High karat gold is 18 karat gold or higher

 Gold Jewelry the number means:

21 karat gold sets

917 = 22K,  91.7% Gold

875 = 21K , 87.5% Gold

750 = 18K, 75% pure Gold

585 or 583 = 14K, 58.3%  Gold

417 = 10K, 41.7%  Gold

Higher the number the more gold content to some 417 is a high enough gold content for their jewelry. Others aren’t satisfied with anything with a gold content that is less than 875. It’s important to remember the higher the gold content the softer the piece of jewelry.  We never recommend a gold content above 750 for diamond and gemstone jewelry.  Next time you see a rich yellow colored gold piece of jewelry chances are its ‘High Karat Gold’


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