How Trustworthy are Those Words?

You bought a diamond engagement ring you’re happy you think you did well only to have someone burst your ‘Happy Bubble.’ Someone has told you oh you got ‘Ripped Off’ I paid a lot less for mine. Maybe they say that’s too much for what you got.

We are an independent family owned jewelry store we don’t carry designer rings we charge a fair amount for what you buy. We try our very best to stay in the budget you set for your diamond engagement ring.  

Now you’re looking at the ring you just were in love with five minutes ago with doubt so you take that ring and start shopping for the truth about your ring. Where do most people go with a ring they’ve just bought to get confirmation that they didn’t get ripped off? They go to other jewelry stores that you didn’t buy your ring from.  Another word you are going to the ‘competition’ and in many cases, the competition isn’t kind. They will outright lie, tell you about every flaw the diamond center store has without telling you that they are magnetizing it x20 to see those flaws. They won’t tell you that every diamond has a birthmark (flaw) unless it’s a ‘Flawless’ diamond. No, they won’t remember they are the competition they want you to return the ring you are happy with. Some jewelers will outright tell you that. ‘ Go return the ring we can get you better for less’ It’s happened to us many times. Many jewelry stores around us do this for no other reason than to get the sale. No one ever returns their Diamond Engagement Ring to us they do come in and let us know whats being said about us by other jewelry stores.

So what should you do?

Well for starters you can just look the person in the eye who finds it just fine to criticize your ring in the first place. Look them in the eye and say “‘I’m happy with my ring and I think I did just fine.” Have some confidence. 

If that isn’t something you can do or want to do

Here are some suggestions you might try.

  • Buy your diamond engagement ring from a store with a good reputation.
  • Do your homework get to know what makes up the pricing of a diamond the 4 c’s 
  • Make sure to buy a GIA certified diamond.
  • Buy from a store that has experience see if they have any certification at our store we have a GIA certified diamond grader, a GIA GG, there is someone in our store GIA certified in Pearl and Colored Gemstones.
  • Take your ring to an independent jeweler who will put in writing for a fee what your diamond is.
  • Make sure you are getting an appraisal with your diamond engagement ring.
  • Most important get what the jewelry store is saying about the diamond engagement ring in writing with a signature and on that store’s letterhead. This is important because if you are going to go back to the store you bought the ring from in -the- first place if they are like us they need that information to bring a lawsuit against the store who is bad mouthing their product.  It’s so easy to bad mouth until you have to put your name/store in writing and sign it. Then not so much in all the years we’ve yet to see one of those jewelry stores who think it’s okay to bad mouth and lie to put those lies in writing. So consider that how trustworthy are those words if they won’t stand behind them.

Be sure if you got that ring from some name brand store most won’t say a word about how much you paid…why is that?  Well, can you imagine going back to Tiffany&Co and telling them you ripped me off? Can you imagine that Tiffany&Co would just let something like that go? Not with the millions they’ve spent over the years No I don’t think so. Whatever store would say that would be severed with a lawsuit.  Stores like Tiffany&Co  sell their diamonds for the price they want no questions asked. We should be able to do that yet when we sell a diamond engagement ring we must worry about each store within a 10-mile radius bad mouthing our product. Most of those stores are independent jewelry stores themselves most ‘family owned’ just like us.

We take this very seriously this practice of stores bad mouthing one another for the sake of a sale by outright lying isn’t something we tolerate.  I’m sure we aren’t the only jewelry store that doesn’t tolerate this we shouldn’t have to.


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