Sizing Your Ring Important Points Taken Into Consideration.

From our Jewelers Bench what you need to know before sizing your ring and what our jeweler takes into consideration before it’s sized.

What our jeweler looks at before they size a ring

  • The karat of gold?
  • Is the ring white, yellow or pink.
  • Are there gemstones on the ring?
  • Overall width of the ring.
  • Size of the ring shank (bottom of the ring) if your ring is an eternity style ring ordering it in your size is the only way to size the ring.  Sizing this style ring will require the loss of gemstones at the bottom of the ring.
  • Overall design of the ring.
  • Are there details on the ring that might be lost when the sizing the ring?
  • The method of stone setting  used on the ring?
  • Overall how well was the ring made?
  • How many sizes up or down is the ring being sized?

What you can look for before sizing your ring

  • Does your ring have a warranty with it?
  • Did you buy a service package with your ring?
  • Make sure the jeweler you are working with is reputable.
  • How many years experience does the jeweler have? This is important the more experience the better.
  • Do they do the repair in-store or do they send repairs out?
  • You should be able to speak with the jeweler if you have questions. Most sales associates can answer your questions, but if you still need clarification talk directly with the jeweler.

If your ring has a warranty that warranty might be void if another jewelry store is doing work on it. The same thing could happen to any service agreement you might have purchased with your ring. Make sure to read all paperwork associated with your ring before you take it to any jeweler to have work done.

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