You Bought a White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Now It’s Turning Yellow.

Don’t worry there’s nothing wrong with your ring. 

White gold started out as yellow gold alloys added to the yellow gold to turn it white. Over time you will notice it will start to turn yellow  most cases this will start to happen on the bottom of the ring. This is normal and can be taken care of. Take your ring to the jewelry store you bought it from they should be able to take care of this by dipping the ring in White Gold or Rhodium. 

The store that you bought your ring from should re-dip your ring for Free any diamond engagement ring purchased from N.J. Diamonds includes a lifetime service agreement. This agreement includes dipping your ring when and if it’s necessary in white gold or rhodium. If however, you purchased your ring from another jewelry store (we are sorry you did) we will charge you for this.   Make sure to ask what the jewelry store you purchased your diamond engagement ring from what they do when and if your white gold engagement ring starts to turn yellow.  You might be surprised that many have no idea what you are talking about make sure to ask.

  1. Do they offer re-dipping service for free?
    Custom Design diamond engagement ring from N.J. Diamonds

    This Custom Design Diamond Engagement ring is done in white gold with  princess and round diamonds.
  2. Do they do this service in-store?
  3. If they send it out how long does it take?
  4. Who do they send it to?

It’s important to know the answer to number 2 because if done in-store you will get your ring back on your finger much sooner. The answer to number 1 should be ‘yes’ N.J. Diamonds doesn’t charge for this we charge a minimum of $40.00 pre-ring to re-dip that isn’t purchased from us. That can get expensive if you have to do this more then once a year.  Number 3 is important to know before you buy your engagement ring because many jewelry stores aren’t equipped to do any type of jewelry repair or maintenance in-store. They send all maintenance and repairs outside of the store and in most cases, you will not get your ring back for two weeks.

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