Getting The Ring Size

You want to pop the question but you don’t know her ring size so how can you get the ring size without her knowing what you’re up to?

Of course the best way to get the ring size in from a jeweler who will size her finger. That would however, ruin the surprise right so how can you do this and still keep it a surprise?

Diamond engagement ring custom design DearbornWell, one way is to enlist her friends or family to help. If they have a ring and you can get a friend or family member to get the ring to a jewelry store they can measure it we do this often and it works out well. The average ring size is 7 most diamond engagement rings are size 7 we have some larger and smaller sizes but very few. You should all so keep in mind that a ring should only be sized one (1) size Up or Down. So yes the ring size is a big deal. If you can get a ring that is worn on the ring finger you can put that ring on a piece of paper and trace it. With the trace, a jeweler can measure it and find the ring size.

If you are planning on doing a custom-made diamond engagement ring you should get the ring size from a jeweler. There will be no surprise but this is crucial when designing your diamond engagement ring.

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