What’s The Secret Sauce For Paraiba Tourmaline?

Paraiba Turmalin
Photographed from the GIA Collection for the CIBJO project from the Dr. Eduard J. Gubelin Collection. Collection# 33379, 2.59 ct turquoise blue triangle cut Paraíba tourmaline; Collection# 33382, 3.28 ct electric blue drop cut Paraíba tourmaline; and Collection# 33378, 3.68 ct green pear cut Paraíba tourmaline.

Copper is the Secret Sauce

Without copper, the Paraiba Tourmaline wouldn’t achieve the vivid blue-green color that it has Bluish green, Greenish Blue, violet no other stone has such vivid colors as the Paraiba Tourmaline. Not only is this gemstone beautiful it’s strong making it a great stone to wear. If you are interested in buying a Paraiba Tourmaline we suggest that you don’t buy unless it has a reputable lab certification. There are many reasons we recommend buying a certified gemstone here are just a few from AJS GEMS

Heavily-included tourmalines, such as rubellite and Brazilian paraiba are sometimes clarity enhanced. A clarity-enhanced tourmaline (especially paraiba) is worth much less than a non-treated gem.


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