Promise Rings What Do They Say.

Are you ready to make a promise or commitment to someone but not ready to get engaged? Then a promise ring just might be what you are looking for Promise rings can be worn on any finger most of the time they are worn on the finger ring of the left hand. Sometimes the promise ring is referred to as a commitment ring or future engagement ring.

Just about any small ring will work.

Some rings that we’ve noticed work the best as a promise ring are heart shaped rings, double heart rings, rings with the infinity symbol, and entwined circles work well.

heart diamond ring promise ring.

Heart shaped ring with diamonds.

What ring wouldn’t make a good promise ring?

Stay away from any ring with a center stone your don’t want the promise ring being mistaken for an engagement ring. The promise ring doesn’t carry the same wight as an engagement ring but it it shouldn’t be treated as a whim either.

diamond infinity ring perfect promise ring.

Infinity rings Make the perfect promise ring.

When should you give the promise ring?

Wondering when you should give a promise ring? You’ve been seeing each other for some length of time year or more but you’re not ready to get engaged yet. You’re sure that their the one but want a little more time that’s when the promise ring steps in. This ring makes a commitment that you are going to get engaged you are promising this. Is this something you must do after a year? No, you don’t have to but it’s a nice step to take showing that both of you are committed to each other. You by giving the ring and your significant other by accepting it.

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