Save Money Know The Difference

VVS or VS you need to know the difference

Knowing the difference between a VVS and VS diamond can save you a significant amount of money. According to the GIA Gemologist Institute of America.

Both a VVS diamond and a VS diamond will have clarity features that in almost all cases cannot be seen with the naked eye. Yet, price differences between these two diamonds can be as high as 30%. For example, according to a 2018 diamond pricing sheet used by most wholesalers and retailers, a 1.00 carat (ct), D color, VVS1 diamond can be 20%–30% more expensive than a VS1 diamond of the same weight and color. A 1.00 ct G-H color, VVS1 diamond can be 15%–20% more expensive than a comparable VS1 or VS2 diamond.


If you’re buying a diamond of this quality, the difference in price can be significant. That’s why it pays to learn about these two clarity grade categories and what goes into determining the difference in clarity between a VVS diamond and a VS diamond.

What is a VVS diamond?

As indicated in the above clarity grade chart, a VVS diamond contains minute inclusions that range from extremely difficult (VVS1) to very difficult (VVS2) to see at 10× magnification. Typical inclusions that might set the VVS grade include:

What is a VS diamond?

A VS diamond contains minor inclusions that range from difficult (VS1) to somewhat easy (VS2) to see at 10× magnification. Many different types of inclusions are possible, but they must be very small relative to the size of the diamond. Typical inclusions that might set the grade include some crystals, knots or distinct clouds, or minor surface-reaching features such as a feather, cavity or indented natural. In very rare cases, a large VS stone might contain an eye-visible inclusion.

To read the rest please go on over to the GIA website a very important blog post to read before you start shopping for your diamond. You can download the GIA 4c’s app here

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