What You Need To Know Before You Start Engagement Ring Shopping.

Getting Engaged Diamond Engagement ring
Photo by Jasmine Wallace Carter on Pexels.com

You’ve decided you’re going to ask the question you want to ask the one you love to share the rest of their life with you. Congratulations it’s an exciting time and you want to start your life out right. It’s time to start shopping for the diamond engagement ring but where to begin? Well we’ve put together a few things that we think might help you get started.

Are you going to ask the question and then start shopping together for the ring or are you going to surprise her with the question and the engagement ring? This question is important because there are different steps to take for each.

Surprising Her With The Ask and The Ring.

If you are going to surprise her with the ask and present the engagement ring at the same time there are several things you have to know first. To start with you have to know what she likes. Kind of important and some of you reading this might be saying well of course. Would it surprise you if we tell you that this simple question when we ask it throws the one buying the engagement ring for a loop. So some of you who know that already are off to a good start. Those that don’t no problem it’s easy enough to find out read below and get some more things you should know before you start out shopping for your diamond engagement ring.

What you should know about the person you are buying the engagement ring for.

  • White gold, yellow gold, pink gold or platinum?
  • Do they want a diamond center stone?
  • Do they want to have any gemstones on the ring?
  • Do they want a two-tone ring? If yes what colors?
  • Do they want a band with the engagement ring?
  • What shape diamond center stone do they like?
  • Halo style engagement rings yes or no?
  • A large ring or A smaller ring
  • Solitaire engagement ring or accent/side diamonds on the engagement ring?
  • Contemporary or traditional diamond engagement ring?
  • Would they like to custom design the engagement ring?

Here are A Few Examples

Engagement Ring Shopping Together what you need to know.

  • What is your budget set it and stick with it while shopping?
  • Is the clarity and color of the diamond the most important to both of you or is the size of the diamond the most important?
  • Take a look online find a style that you’re drawn to over and over again. Use that information as a guide when you start shopping.
  • Know what shape of diamond you want.

Shopping Together Or Not A Few Things You Should Know Either Way.

  • Know the 4c’s what they are and how they affect the Diamond you can read more about this here
  • Make sure to compare diamonds equally understand more about this here
  • The most import thing to remember is To Have Fun

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