Jewelry Repairs Done Right.

Over twenty years of experience that’s what N.J. Diamonds is putting into your jewelry repair.

No one wants their jewelry to break but it happens sometimes that chain you are wearing catches on something and it breaks. You might need your ring sized up or down you lost the back to your favorite earrings. Maybe it’s just polishing and cleaning your diamond engagement ring. What ever jewelry repair you have we are right here in Dearborn, MI to help you. If you have 21 karat gold jewelry we are able to repair that for you.

Repair a 21 karat gold belt.

You can find more jewelry repairs on our YouTube channel

All of our jewelry repairs are done in-store for most jewelry repairs we need two days to complete you don’t have to wait one to two weeks to get your jewelry back. If you want your jewelry done (Same Day) pick-up time is between 5 to 6 pm there is a $25.00 service fee paid upfront added to your repair. Cash only for all jewelry repairs and we do not discount the price of our jewelry repairs. The price we charge is very fair and nonnegotiable. If you bought a diamond engagement ring at another jewelry store we encourage you to go to the store you purchased the ring from first for any resizing or up keep. We are not responsible for any service agreement that you might be voiding if we work on your jewelry. If you have a service agreement with the store you bought your jewelry from then they are the only ones who should be doing any kind of work on the piece of jewelry. We’ve repaired thousands of pieces of jewelry in our 24 years in business if you have any jewelry that you need repaired stop in to our store at

5601 Schaefer Dearborn, MI 48126

and we can take care of it for you. Please no calls as to our jewelry repair pricing we have to see the piece of jewelry needing repair to give a price.

Custom by Z diamond engagement ring white gold round GIA certified diamond center stone.
Custom by Z Diamond Engagement Ring

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