Custom Design Name Necklace.

Are you looking to have a ‘Custom design Name’ made for yourself or someone special? Our custom designed Names are hand-cut you can have your custom-designed name made in 14, 18 or 21 karat gold they can be done in Arabic or English any design you decide on we can do. We have no samples and the reason for that is because Custom made names are the creation of the customer who is making the name. If you are planning on having us do your custom design name we need 10 days please plan accordingly for the holiday season. A 100.00 dollar deposit cash only is required up-front and none refundable. We charge a 100.00 dollars design fee, and your final price is given once your name is completed we then weigh it and charge you per gram to calculate your total. Your 100.00 deposit is deducted from your final price but the design fee is an added charge that is added to the final price of your custom-designed name.

21 karat gold bracelet with small coins that are stacked. These coins are stamp our coins not the actual american coin.
21 karat gold bracelet

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