Jewelry Repairs During The Holiday Season.πŸŽ„

Need it sized get it in early.

Every year around the holiday season at N.J. Diamonds we like to remind everyone that we do repairs during the holiday season with the exception of Christmas Eve and News Year Eve. However, we do not do while you wait repairs and if you have bought your jewelry at another jewelry store we will alter it for you but will not have it done the same day. You will have to wait at least two days to have your jewelry done. If you need your jewelry cleaned for those holiday party’s please don’t wait until the day of the party or the day before it will not be done in time. Our Holiday Season repair pricing is CASH Only and none negotiable. No Debit Cards, No Credit Cards, No Checks No exceptions. All Prices are Final.

We say it every year

Make sure you leave enough time for us to finish the job that the store you bought your jewelry from couldn’t get done for you. Most jewelry stores need two weeks to get your ring sized for you. So please don’t walk in expecting miracles from us. Remember you spent the money someplace else so don’t insult us and haggle and complain about the couple of days you have to wait for us to get the job done that the other store couldn’t do for you.

Customers who have purchased their jewelry with us and need alterations such as ring sizing, links taken out, or loops added are done before anyone else.

Custom design 7.00 carat round diamond center stone.

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