Custom by Z Diamond Engagement Ring

Custom design your diamond engagement ring with us Custom by Z has over 25 years experience designing and working with GIA certified stones. N.J. Diamonds has a GIA diamond grader onsite. We use Cad Cam technology to assist when designing your diamond engagement ring. At N.J. Diamonds we always work with the budget you do not want to exceed. We service our diamond jewelry for life free of charge. Work with the best when you want to design your perfect diamond engagement ring N.J. Diamonds custom by Z is here to work with you every step of the way.

Custom by Z

Custom by Z diamond engagement ring from N.J. Diamonds Dearborn. Ring has a princess cut diamond with two princes cut diamonds on either side of the center stone. matching band all done in white gold.
Custom designed by Z Princess Cut diamond engagement ring with matching band.

N.J. Diamonds Dearborn, MI jewelry store has over 25 years of experience. We’ve been making diamond engagement rings, custom name necklaces, and bracelets for over 25 years. We use Cad Cam technology and a team that has over 25 years of experience working with the budget that you set. Our Jewelry store in Dearborn, MI carries GIA-certified diamonds we have a GIA-certified diamond grader, a GIA pearl grader, and a GIA-colored gemstone grader. We work with you to design your diamond engagement ring and work with the budget you set. At N.J. Diamonds we believe that the more you know the better for you when shopping for your diamond engagement ring. That’s why we strive to make sure that every question you have can be answered. Custom-making your diamond engagement ring doesn’t have to be stressful you leave all the worries to us. Design your custom diamond engagement ring with us today for an honest worry-free experience that only N.J. Diamonds can bring.

GIA certified diamonds at N.J. Diamonds Dearborn Michigan

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