Using Google To Lower Your Competition Rating Online.

Below is a review that was left on Google about our store. Just to be clear we never sell Masonite stones in our store unless the customer has asked for one. We just after over 20 years have brought in two rings that have man-made diamonds on them. The reason for this was because we’ve had customers asking for them. Both rings are still in our showcase so this ‘Blanco The Boss’ hasn’t bought one from us. More interesting then the review is what we discovered when we did a little digging. This Fake account in the time spanned of one hour left one (1) star reviews for every jewelry store in the Dearborn area. One store, however, received a five (5) star review. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this we had family members of one of the jewelry stores in the area leaving 1 star review for our store all with the same last name. We found out later that they were related to a jewelry store doing business in Dearborn. Our family members have left reviews for our store. What they did not do was leave bad reviews for the other stores doing business in Dearborn.

BLANCO THE BOSS 18 hours agoSold me a diamond ring for $3500 and ended up being man made not natural. It was Masonite

N.J. Diamonds (owner)Just nowWe value every review and take them seriously but It is obvious from the numerous 1-star reviews within an hour period of time of every jewelry store located in the Dearborn Area that this is a fake account. Shame on whoever asked you to do this to boost their own store’s rating. What you are accusing our store of is a fraud. To come here on Google and make these statements under a fake name using a fake account giving us no way to legally fight is cowardice. To those of you reading this review please understand that this is a fake review we do not lie to our customers and as a small business we have no other way to fight such slanderous statements except to post our reply here.

N.J. Diamonds serving the metro Detroit area for over 20 years. Family owned and operated Our store is proud to carry GIA certified diamonds we have a GIA diamond grader in-store. We carry 21 and 18 karat jewelry. We are proud to offer all our diamond engagement ring buyers a no-fee service agreement free for as long as you own your diamond engagement ring. N.J. Diamonds all so offer Custom by Z custom design jewelry. N.J Diamonds have been making custom pieces of jewelry for our customers for 20 years we use Cad Cam technology along with our over 20 years of experience and your imagination to create your custom designed jewelry.

Using Google To Lower Your Competition Rating Online.

Watching our 4.8-star rating drop in a matter of a few months to a 3.8-star rating has been heartbreaking. I worked for 10 years to gain our position on Google all done organically our store has never advertised on Google, Yelp or any other place online. This blog was started years ago because of an article I read years ago giving the advice to start a blog to help Google find our business. Using keywords, meta tags and a whole lot of other jargon I had to learn not only what it all meant but how to use it. I did and still do until today. We don’t have a company doing this for us we are a small jewelry store family owned and operated. I’ve stayed up as best I can on all social media, I’ve created a YouTube channel, joined Facebook when it first started, got on board with Twitter early on, and made sure to get on Instagram. I played around with Snap Chat for a minute but decided it just wasn’t for us. I claimed as many placed that listed our store as I could for free and spent endless hours posting all of our information. I update our Google listing with posts and new pictures. Why is Google rating so important? Well, when you do a search on Google for let’s say Jewelry Stores Dearborn. You see what they bring up and at what location each store is on the list and each store’s rating based on reviews. Are you more likely to do business with a 4.0 or higher rating or a 3.8? Many people read the reviews that’s why I’ve taken answering them so seriously it’s the only chance I have to express to the reader that some of the reviews are FAKE! With ever 1-star ratings our store rating drops and with the drop our jewelry store has dropped in placement on Google.

We’ve have been in business for over 20 years and have thousands of customers. We haven’t received thousands of reviews people just don’t like to do it and we haven’t asked. We haven’t wanted to bother anyone with having to do that. At one point in time it wasn’t necessary word of mouth was more then enough and until today makes up a very large part of our business. It used to be having a good reputation, being honest and giving great customer service was enough. It’s not any more. Now you have to fight Fake reviews given by Fake accounts. So now we are asking if you have bought something from our store in the over 20 years we’ve been in business we are asking for your help Please leave us a review on Google

Leave us a favorable review on Google.

For those who are engaging in this underhanded behavior please stop.

You are hurting the very business that supports your community. I’m not asking for just our business I’m asking you to stop doing such behavior against any small business. If you have a legitimate problem with one of your local businesses try to solve it face to face.

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