Stop Read All Your Paperwork.

Don’t Void Your Service Agreement.

You might not be aware that if you get work done on your watch or jewelry at any other store other than the one you purchased your items from you could be voiding any warranty or Service agreement you might have with that store. This could happen with something as simple as getting your diamond engagement ring cleaned or changing the battier in your watch.

Ring Warranty

Many Jewelry Stores will sell you a warranty or service agreement, but make sure you read what will happen if you take that ring and have it worked on at another establishment. Most jewelry warranty or service agreements will void if another jewelry store works on the item this may include polishing/cleaning the diamond engagement ring or anything else that was covered under the service agreement/warranty.

Watch Battery

Over the years we’ve had to tell people that they might be voiding their warranty if we open the back of their watch to replace the battery. Many people don’t care that is until there is something major wrong with the watch and it needs repairing then they want their warranty back. Before you replace your watch battery make sure you are not going to void your warranty/service agreement if you have one.

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