Expert Jewelry Repair

Are you in need of expert jewelry repair services? Look no further – we have the solution for you! Our team of highly trained professionals is highly experienced in the art of jewelry repair. From replacing lost diamonds and stones to setting a new prong and creating a custom design piece, we have you covered. Our skilled technicians can take care of all types of jewelry repairs quickly and efficiently.

All jewelry repairs are done in-store and in most cases take 1-3 days to complete. No while-you-wait jewelry repairs nor can we do same-day jewelry repairs. It’s good to know that we have over 25 years of experience working with and repairing jewelry our expert jewelry repair service is here to help you keep your jewelry looking its best. Don’t leave your broken jewelry sitting unworn bring it to our store and let us give you a free estimate on the cost to repair your broken jewelry.

Our jewelry repair prices are reasonable, none negotiable, and cash only. We handle your jewelry as if it was our own from the start of the jewelry repair to the end your jewelry is handled with care. Unlike some other jewelry stores, we repair high-karat gold jewelry with the same karat solder needed to repair the jewelry.

We specialize in delicate and complex repairs. Whether you have a broken clasp, a missing prong, a badly-set stone, or a bent ring, we’ll repair it. Our repair technicians are also experienced in replacing new stones, soldering broken chains, and creating custom jewelry designs.

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