What’s The Secret Sauce For Paraiba Tourmaline?

Copper is the Secret Sauce Without copper, the Paraiba Tourmaline wouldn’t achieve the vivid blue-green color that it has Bluish green, Greenish Blue, violet no other stone has such vivid colors as the Paraiba Tourmaline. Not only is this gemstone beautiful it’s strong making it a great stone to wear. If you are interested in… Read More

Pink Colored GemStone Jewelry.

Pink sapphire and topaz ring’s these colored gemstone rings are great for spring and summer We have rings, diamond stud earrings, colored gemstone jewelry, diamond bracelets, and so much more. N.J. Diamonds a diamond jewelry store located in Dearborn, MI on the corner of Ford rd and Schaefer. When honesty matters shop at N.J. Diamonds, Michigan.