Jewelry Appraising

Do you need a Jewelry Appraisals? At N.J. Diamonds our jewelry appraisals done by a GIA certified diamond grader. When you buy your diamond engagement ring at N.J. Diamonds you will receive an appraisal to insure your new Diamond Engagement Ring. This is your’s free of charge. N.J. Diamonds can appraise all jewelry your jewelry for insurance coverage.… Read More

Understanding The Difference In Lab Grades Can Save You Money.

If you don’t understand the reputation of the lab you might end up paying more for your diamond. We’ve said this for years it makes it very hard to sell a GIA graded stone that is a True SI1 H color lets say compared with an EGL certified stone that is graded the same but… Read More

How do we buy gold?

How do we buy gold when you want to sell. Well first we separate your gold into different karats. This simple means separating by 10,14,18,21 karat or gold content. If your jewelry has synthetic stones the weight of these stones  deducted. Your jewelry that is now separated put on a scale in front of you… Read More

You Live In Ohio You Can Still Shop With Us

People who live in Ohio don’t find it strange to drive one to two hours and more to get to our store. N.J Diamonds has been serving the people of Ohio for 16 years our jewelry store  in Michigan. Yet many Ohioans have chosen our store to shop and sell their gold with. Why? Your… Read More