Inclusions in diamonds are the birthmarks of a diamond.  inclusions inside the stone are called (flaws) when a diamond has an inclusion all this means is that the diamond is not perfect.  Some inclusions will affect the light as it passes through the diamond and this will affect the diamond’s clarity.

Types of Diamond Inclusions:

Pinpoint Inclusions

Pinpoints are tiny crystals that can be light or dark in diamonds, they could be in clusters or by themselves.  A large cluster of pinpoints can create a hazy area in the diamond this is known as a (cloud).


Feathers are cracks in the diamond that look like feathers a small feather will not affect the durability unless it reaches the surface of the diamond.

Fringes, and Bearding

You find this on the girdle of the diamond these are hair-like lines that occur around the girdle of the stone.  This can happen during the cutting of the stone.

Grain and Growth lines

Grain lines come by irregular crystallization which takes place in the formation of the diamond. A white or dark-colored grain line can affect the clarity grade of a diamond.


A straight crack without feathering cleavage has the potential to split the diamond apart along its length.

One type of inclusion that is not caused by nature is the Laser line, these are a vapor trail left when a laser is used to remove a dark inclusion from a diamond.  The trails that are left look like strands of thread these trails begin at the surface of the diamond and go inward stopping at the point where the inclusion was removed.

Know your inclusions before you shop, you are spending a lot of money and you should be fully aware of your diamond’s birthmarks these will also help you identify your diamond if you ever need to.

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