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How do you know when you have found your Diamond Engagement Ring? For years we have watched thousands come into N.J. Diamonds and move from one showcase to the other looking at the endless choice of Diamond Engagement Rings. Many times we’ve heard…

I just don’t know which one is for me.

Over the years We’ve noticed the longer someone is looking the harder it is to pick a ring.

I have had customers that come in multiple times and try on an endless number of rings, they might bring in friends and family at various times to get their opinion on how rings look on them. I have found after all these years the more rings you try on the more confused you become. You start to lose yourself in all the different styles. You do however have to try on many to find the one that is right for you..

Some Time-Saving Tips To Do Before You Start Shopping For Your Ring.

  • 1. Take a good look at your hand are your fingers small, long, short, slender. If you have small short fingers, a large ring might not look right on your finger. Big hands, a small ring might get lost.
  • 2. You might want to look at websites before you set out to start looking to get an idea of your style. If you are drawn to one particular style over and over you might want to start with that. Print out pictures of what styles you like bring them with you. This can save time when shopping you can show them to the sales associate and ask if they have anything like that. Now with smartphones, you can save the photos of the rings you like right to your phone.
  • 3. Know your budget and tell the sales associate what it is. I know some will not agree with this, but if you are looking to spend 2,000.00 why waste time looking at rings that are 10,000.00.
  • 4. Know what cut center stone you want. This happens all the time you have thought about the ring, but not much thought is put into the center stone shape. Do you want princess cut, round, pear, emerald? Spend some time on this if you know what you want you can tell the sales associate at any store you go to so they can point you in the right direction.
  • 5. Social media is great for getting advice from family and friends. You can do this by taking a photo of the ring on your hand and messaging it right to them. Since the original posting of this post smartphones has made this so much easier. You can post it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to show it to everyone. With selfies being all the rage take your #engagementringselfie for everyone to see.
What I have seen in most cases the ring that catches the eye right from the start is the one that ends up on the hand. Happy shopping and good luck.

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